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Saturday December 8th at 7PM – Sofia Laguna, Kevin Kane, Sara Falk-Mann, Alison Johnston & Peyton Prater

Sofia Laguna is a fearless woman warrior. Sofia Laguna eats squid-ink paella in Spain. When Sofia Laguna writes poems, she makes each word fall in love with each other word. Sometimes, she sets words up on blind dates. Sofia Laguna lulls dragons to sleep with her ukulele, then steals their candy and gives it to her friends. Sofia Laguna is a student at CU—where she explores poetry, translation, and social justice. She is every bit as generous and lovely as her poetry.

Kevin Kane – KBK is the artist/poet layperson you probably met once on that delayed flight from Vancouver. He’s a conceptual art lover, a former professional athlete, and a wayfaring, flight-impaired songbird. He’s the owner/operator of the forthcoming poem-machine, Slow World Press.

Sara Falk-Mann – Short like crip walker, long time stone thrower. She’s talks talk and goes on walks. Wisconsin home body turned CO refugee. Loves fixies, words, rimmed glasses, and the month of April. Recently returning from her travels abroad her thoughts are mostly consumed with counting sheep, eating ice cream, and Lord of the Rings Marathons. Give it up for SFM, writer turned poet.

Alison Johnston – She’s got her vans on, but they look like sneakers. One part oceania, one part winter, with more soul than Lady Gaga —A loves skis, high fives, and red lipstick. When she is not in a black hoodie, A is breaking hearts and finger dancing. Her favorite font is Comic Sans. Poetry game vicious. Blonde as. One L. Aspiring copywriter. Fresh out of New Zealand, putting the A back into American, @alisonmjohnston everybody.

For those of you who don’t know Peyton Prater, she is one of the most crafty people you will ever meet. And by crafty, I mean, artsy and crafty. She is a woman of many trades. From circle scarfs, to putting birds on things, Peyton’s artistic style is what can be described as simple elegance. Peyton brings this quality of work to everything in her life, from thoughtful handmade cards for friends, to her professional and academic life, where she has been studying how to incorporate poetry into schools. Peyton has just finished her student teaching practicum at East High School, in Denver, where she grew up, and will soon be leaving the Rocky Mountain air for some sweet South Carolina air.

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