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Our Staff

Staff-adamAdam Bishop

Born and raised in San Diego, Adam migrated to Boulder in 2011 to begin graduate studies in CU’s Creative Writing Program. Living a life of excess in both coffee and poetry, he found Innisfree to be the perfect fit for his personal indulgences. When he isn’t digging his way out from beneath a heap of schoolwork, Adam is actively reading and writing poetry, frolicking in the arts community, plucking at his guitar, papier-mâché-ing masks, or blowing off steam through a ventilation system known as his XBOX.

He gets excited about: bad puns; creative people; deep-dish pizza; Encinitas, California; kitty-cats in top-hats; red wine, scotch, craft-brew… OK, booze; snowshoeing; and his fiancée, Sarah (good thing she made the list, eh?). If Adam’s behind the counter during your visit to Innisfree, don’t hesitate to talk poetry or ask for recommendations from our book store—he loves to share almost as much as he loves deep-dish… which will not be shared.


Raised in the tip of the boot of southern Louisiana, Anna left New Orleans behind to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Anna received her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Louisiana State University where she served as Editor-in-Chief of delta, LSU’s undergraduate literary journal, and has since begun pursuing a degree in midwifery.

Though Anna misses eating crawfish and alligator, listening to heart-wrenching jazzy blues, and Mardi Gras festivities, Anna enjoys climbing, biking, snowboarding, trail running across the mountains of Colorado. Anna’s loves include Irish whiskey, writing poetry, writing postcards, cooking in her wok, succulents, yoga, crossword puzzles, glass jars, thrift store shopping, rearranging her furniture, and being the mother of two dogs and a cat.

Lex White-Mobley
Lex, a senior at CU pursuing a double degree in film production and international affairs, hails from the North Fork Valley of Colorado’s western slope. Her passionfruits are writing, image and sound exploration, fair trade, independent media, climbing, snowboarding, and traveling. On downtime from school and barista shenanigans, she can be found clogging her hard drive with too much music, downward dogging at one of the infinite yoga studios in Boulder, hiking with friends, or curled up with one of the many books she has collected from working at Innisfree for the last year. A self-proclaimed mountain child, her highest aspiration is to one day be able to say she has explored all of Earth’s mountain ranges.

Asa Lott

Asa is a local poet, musician, singer/songwriter, and creative enthusiast. He loves art in any form and is striving to build a conscious community of artists, writers, and musicians that inspire and motivate one another to collaborate, share, and perform. A drummer from the start, Asa is a weaver of rhythmic layers, textures, and sounds in acoustic and electronic realms. A graduate of CU’s creative writing program, Asa is ecstatic to be working with amazing people, surrounded by an epic collection of poetry books, and serving up a delicious cappuccino.

Staff-IndigoIndigo Deany

Indigo is the living truth, and a rootin’-tootin’ cowgirl with epic skill and a bag packed to take her to Bangladesh. Well, maybe not yet, but soon. Representing Fort Collins (South Side what’s up!). Odds are, Indigo’s going to finish her studies at CU and then go unify all of the world’s governments in perfect harmony and become the first Leader of Earth. Until then, though, she can be found at Innisfree, laughing, studying, and honing her already masterful barista powers.

Matthew Lewis

Matt is a senior at the University of Colorado, studying International Affairs and Geography. Growing up in Arvada, CO he learned to love photography, music and travel. His junior year he studied abroad in Brussels, Belgium and from that he hopes to work overseas one day.

Nick Hranilovich

Nick Hranilovich is the number one poetry bookstore in Colorado. A jack of all trades, and master only of the trade of jacking into all trades, he seeks to increase artistic output and shamelessness in all media and people (since unfortunately this dimension is not yet perfect enough that he can achieve total realization of personal potential by sitting around and being happy). A cybernetic Taoist, it is his sincere belief that transcendence is achievable with nothing more than a record player, a Super Nintendo, and esoteric Egyptian breathing techniques. He would like to become a librarian and meet a free-jazz drummer.

Veronica J Rael
Veronica, a native of Broomfield, Colorado, is an International Affairs and Photography sophomore student at CU Boulder. Because of her love for foreign languages, Veronica speaks Spanish and Japanese with the intent of also becoming fluent in Arabic. Often seen with a Canon camera around her neck to quench a creativity craze, Veronica also enjoys running, playing basketball, and of course, a large cup of coffee/chai over the morning paper’s take on current events.