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1203 13th Street Suite A
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Hours: 7AM until 9PM

Seven Days a Week
Where: 1203 13th Street Suite A
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 495-3303
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Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe is celebrating our
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Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe is your local poetry bookstore in Boulder, Colorado. We are the third exclusively-poetry bookstore to open its doors in the United States.

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Latest News

Innisfree This Week: Thru Thursday February 13, 2014

Tuesday February 11 at 7PM – Weekly Open Poetry Reading

Wednesday February 12 at 7PM – Book Launch: Emily T. Yeh: Taming Tibet

Emily T. Yeh is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


The violent protests in Lhasa in 2008 against Chinese rule were met by disbelief and anger on the part of Chinese citizens and state authorities, perplexed by Tibetans’ apparent ingratitude for the generous provision of development. In Taming Tibet, Emily T. Yeh examines how Chinese development projects in Tibet served to consolidate state space and power. Drawing on sixteen months of ethnographic fieldwork between 2000 and 2009, Yeh traces how the transformation of the material landscape of Tibet between the 1950s and the first decade of the twenty-first century has often been enacted through the labor of Tibetans themselves. Focusing on Lhasa, Yeh shows how attempts to foster and improve Tibetan livelihoods through the expansion of markets and the subsidized building of new houses, the control over movement and space, and the education of Tibetan desires for development have worked together at different times and how they are experienced in everyday life.

The master narrative of the PRC stresses generosity: the state and Han migrants selflessly provide development to the supposedly backward Tibetans, raising the living standards of the Han’s “little brothers.” Arguing that development is in this context a form of “indebtedness engineering,” Yeh depicts development as a hegemonic project that simultaneously recruits Tibetans to participate in their own marginalization while entrapping them in gratitude to the Chinese state. The resulting transformations of the material landscape advance the project of state territorialization. Exploring the complexity of the Tibetan response to—and negotiations with—development, Taming Tibet focuses on three key aspects of China’s modernization: agrarian change, Chinese migration, and urbanization. Yeh presents a wealth of ethnographic data and suggests fresh approaches that illuminate the Tibet Question.

Thursday February 13th at 7PM – Jeffrey O’Brien

Jeffrey O-Brien is an activist for walking and riding, wrote Pirates of the Hourglass: Wrong No Beauty. His beliefs are roses and hats, wind and fire, alchemy and change. Sunsets do not belong on a numbering system. However, he never counts.

Innisfree This Week Thru Saturday February 8: Open, Sinclair & Worrell, Douglass, and Rose

Innisfree This Week: Tuesday February 4 at 7PM - Weekly Open Poetry Reading Wednesday February 5th at 4PM - Tom Worrell and John Sinclair John Sinclair (born October 2, 1941) is an American poet from Detroit, one-time manager of the band MC5, and leader of the White Panther Party—a militantly anti-racist countercultural group of white socialists seeking to assist the Black Panthers in →

Innisfree This Week: Thru Friday January 31

Thursday January 31 at 7PM - Troy Suben Troy is a local poet living in Boulder. Troy grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. He has been a student of the Dharma since 06. He aspires to work with up-and-coming poets and to nurture the ongoing Boulder Poetic presence. He will →

Innisfree This Week- Thru January 25, 2014

Innisfree This Week- Thru January 25, 2014: Tuesday January 21 at 7Pm - Weekly Open Poetry Reading hosted by Asa Lott. Thursday January 23rd at 7PM - Vicki Mandell-King & Ran Huntsberry Vicki Mandell-King has been writing poetry for what seems most of her life. She intended to do so as a career, but in 1970, a stranger on an airplane observed, “It →

Saturday January 18 at 7PM – Ambiance

Ambiance is a music duo formed by Katie Tall (piano/guitar) and Amelia Petrie (vocals/guitar). Originally, they came together to share their passion for music. They loved working together so much that they are now collaborating on writing their own songs to make an EP. They tailor their performances to meet the needs of the venue, and their set list includes →

Friday January 17th at 7PM – Music of Ten Thousand Things

Friday January 17th at 7PM - Music of Ten Thousand Things Although things remain thoroughly embryonic for the new band based out of Boulder, "The Ten Thousand Things", they are a band that reaches into a bounty of influences within the Folk, Soul, and Blues traditions; while at the same time attempting to remain wholly original. Their influences range from The →