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1203 13th Street Suite A
Boulder, CO 80302
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Hours: 7AM until 9PM

Seven Days a Week
Where: 1203 13th Street Suite A
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 495-3303
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Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe is celebrating our
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Thank you to all the poets and poetry lovers out there! We couldn't have made it without your support.
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Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe is your local poetry bookstore in Boulder, Colorado. We are the third exclusively-poetry bookstore to open its doors in the United States.

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Latest News

Wednesday October 8 at 7PM: The Voice of the Butterfly: Poems and Lyrics of the Scottish Independence Movement

The desire for the re-establishment of Scottish independence has persisted in one form or another ever since independence ended in 1707 with the Treaty of Union. For most of the 300+ years between then and now it has been subordinated to a variety of imperial enterprises undertaken in common with the rest of Britain. However it has manifested itself more prominently in recent years and this has most recently been evident in the popular “Yes” movement for self-determination known as the “Butterfly Rebellion” that has emerged in response to the independence referendum held last month. Although unsuccessful in securing victory in the referendum, unprecedented levels of grass roots democratic engagement continue, and the process has stimulated and inspired a significant amount of creative activity in all art forms.

Peter Clive is a scientist from Glasgow, Scotland, who has been involved in the movement, and will be reading a selection of items by himself and others providing some historical background and context as well as conveying some impression of the energy, excitement, euphoria, disappointment, and continued resolve and determination of what has been a revolutionary moment in modern Scottish history. Opportunities missed still show the way to the destination we will surely reach one day.

Tuesday October 7 at 7PM: Weekly Open Poetry Reading

Hosted by Asa Lott.

Tuesday October 7 at 6PM: Jennifer Faylor

Jennifer Faylor is a poet from New York City and has her MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. She is the author of a choose-your-own-adventure poetry chapbook, “The Case of the Missing Lover” (Dancing Girl Press, 2013), and a full-length book of poetry, “Edison's Ghost Machine” (Aldrich Press, 2014).

Sunday September 28th at 2PM: Gary Whited and Susan Nisenbaum Becker

Gary Whited grew up on a ranch in eastern Montana, where his maternal and paternal grandparents had homesteaded in the early 1900's. Leaving the ranch to attend college, Gary eventually found his way into the study of philosophy with a special interest in the ancient Greek thinkers. He was intrigued by a kinship between the ancient ways and the life →

Thursday September 25th at 7PM: Charlotte Annie and Lisa A. Flowers

Charlotte Annie is a poet from Maine. She received her Masters in English from Trinity College and her MFA in poetics from Naropa University. When she is not in the company of pencil and paper, you can find her running along one of Boulder’s many mesas. She is interested in hibernation and migratory birds. Her novel, More Winter than Feather →

Thursday September 18 at 7PM: Claudia Van Gerven

Claudia Van Gerven lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she taught English literature for the Honors Program at the University of Colorado. Her poems have been published in a number of journals and magazines including Prairie Schooner, Louisiana Review, Calyx, the Georgetown Review, Runes and The Lullwater Review. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and has been nominated for the →