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Seven Days a Week
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Where: 1203 13th Street Suite A
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 495-3303
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Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe is celebrating our
Second Anniversary 2012
Thank you to all the poets and poetry lovers out there! We couldn't have made it without your support.
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Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe is your local poetry bookstore in Boulder, Colorado. We are the third exclusively-poetry bookstore to open its doors in the United States.

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Latest News

Tuesday July 21 at 6PM: Clausen and Twining. 7PM: Weekly Open Poetry Reading

Tuesday July 21 at 6PM: Clausen and Twining. 7PM: Weekly Open Poetry Reading

6PM: Clausen and Twining

ANDY CLAUSEN has travelled and read his poetry all over North America and the world. (New York, California, Alaska, Texas, Prague, Kathmandu, Amsterdam etc.) He was co-editor of, POEMS FOR THE NATION, with Allen Ginsberg and Eliot Katz (Seven Stories Press). He was an editor at LONG SHOT Magazine. Andy has written about his adventures with Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Ray Bremser, Janine Pommy Vega, Peter Orlovsky, and many others of the Beat Generation. He is the author of “40th Century Man” (Autonomedia 1997), “Without Doubt” (Zeitgeist Press 1990), “The Iron Curtain of Love” (Long Shot Press 1984), “Songs of Bo Baba” (Shivastan Press 2004) and his latest work, “Home of the Blues” Museum of American Poetics Publications 2013), among others. His bio is found therein.

“The frank friendly extravagance of his metaphor and word-connection gives Andy Clausen’s poetry a reading interest rare in poetry of any generation.”
“…I would take a chance on a president Clausen.”
~ Allen Ginsberg

“Andre Clausen is a true heart son of Allen Ginsberg and his own force at that. The poems soar and rage, but ultimately reside in empathy and tenderness for the woes and joys of the human realm. Clausen’s possessive oeuvre is a reminder that poetry comes from the street and struggle, and not the confines of academia and privilege. An innate delicate music and aspiration residing here, in the poems, in the heart.”
~ Anne Waldman

PAMELA TWINING lives in Woodstock, NY, where she raised her children and studied organic farming and healing with herbs. She has read her poetry in many venues, alongside Andy Clausen, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Mikhail Horowitz, Anne Waldman, Antler, Jeff Poniewaz, and Charles Plymell, to name a few, often accompanied by Cosmic Legends. Over the years she has developed a very personal style, sometimes tender and lyrical, sometimes brutally frank, resonating with the wisdom of her partially Native American heritage. Her work has appeared in Big Scream, Napalm Health Spa, The Café Review, Big Hammer, Poetrybay and others. Pamela is the author of “i have been a river…; Selected Poems of Pamela Twining” (DancinFool Press 2011), “utopians & madmen” (DancinFool Press 2012) and “A Thousand Years of Wanting: the Erotic Poetry of Pamela Twining” (Shivastan Press 2013).

“Pamela is a poet of the highest order, a wonderful work.” ~ Donald Lev, Home Planet News

“After hearing this poetry, I’ve learned something new about Desire.” ~ Reed Bye

“The poems remind me of Whitman, DiPrima, Emily D out of the attic, JP Vega, Lenore Kandel, traditional Native American campfire verse, the Virasaiva and Sufi poets, Hafiz in particular.” ~ Lee Buliay

7PM: Weekly Open Poetry Reading – hosted by Joseph Braun.

Saturday July 18 at 9AM: Boulder Writing Dates

Write Together If you are new to our group, here is how it works: I pick a location, and you show up with your computer, your journal, or your notebook, and we write together. It is a simple, fun way to connect with other writers and get a few words on the page at the same time. The benefits of writing →

Tuesday July 14 at 7PM: Weekly Open Poetry Reading

Hosted by poet and publisher of Lunamopolis Joseph Braun.

Tuesday July 14th at 6PM: Betty LaVelle

Betty LaVelle is the author of Butterflies, Scarabs and Secrets, an autobiography of Clayton Blair Dougherty and his artwork, available at www.bettytlavelle.com. She is currently doing research for a new book, Don’t Tell Mary. Betty has magnified her writings to include poetry including “Captive,” and the recently published “Resurrection,” and “My Sweet Butterfly.” Her biography appears in various Marquis’ publications including Who’s →

Tuesday June 23rd: Robin McLean & Weekly Open Poetry Reading

6PM: Robin McLean was a lawyer and then a potter for 15 years in the woods of Alaska before receiving her MFA at UMass Amherst. Her debut collection Reptile House won the BOA Editions Fiction Prize in 2013. The collection was a finalist for the Flannery O'Connor Short Fiction Prize in 2011 and 2012. Her fiction is forthcoming in The →

Tuesday June 9 at 7PM: Weekly Open Poetry Reading

Hosted by publisher of Lunamopolis and poet Joseph Braun.